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Legacy Films

In addition to my work as a death doula, I am also a film director and producer by trade.


We all have a story worth sharing and my passion for storytelling stems from a deep yearning to understand life through each person's unique experience. Though each of our lives vary greatly, beneath it all there is a universal story: the triumph of the human spirit.


With my background in filmmaking, I can help others distill their life's meaning and legacy through the process of creating a short film. I am naturally inclined to listen to a person's story and sense the conflicts and triumphs that helped shape the narrative of their life. These pivotal life affirming experiences are the backbone of each of our legacies. Weaving our own story and sharing it is an incredibly sacred and healing act that you can share with future generations.

Feelings of Invisibility Poster Laurels V1.jpg
Feelings of Invisibility

An intimate portrait of an invisible woman.


Anne K. Abbott was born with severe Cerebral Palsy that renders her unable to walk or communicate verbally. She uses a speech card to painstakingly point to each letter of each word to deliver her message to the world. Anne paints with just her index finger, effectively smashing society's misconceptions about living life with a disability one masterpiece at a time.

Feelings of Invisibility is a film that centers around themes of sexuality and disability, creative expression, activism, love, loss and grief. This contemplative visual journey provides an inside look on a life unseen by most that will shake loose the assumptions and limitations we impose upon others. It is not what you expect.

​This documentary short film was compiled from hundreds of journal entries, blogs, articles, and direct correspondence with Anne. It is currently in the film festival circuit and will be available to view publicly by the end of the year. 

 Maya Angelou

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