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My Story

I found my calling to this work after witnessing the tragic and sudden death of my boyfriend when I was only twenty years old. Though this was not the first time I was faced with death, it was the most revolutionary, as the grief derailed my entire life.


Nothing in my life had prepared me for this loss. It took a decade of seeking answers to uncover the fact that I was grieving more than just the loss of a life partner. This loss was of a larger magnitude; it was the cultural loss of wisdom on how to embrace death and die well in a society that has forgotten how to do so.

Through this pain, I found a vocation that truly calls to my inner purpose. Every struggle and loss in my life has created a training ground for understanding grief. Our suffering has a purpose; healing, growth and creating a bridge to each other's hearts.


This experience manifested into an opportunity to help myself and others do the most important work of all: awaken consciousness. I am honored to be on this path of learning, uncovering, uplifting, remembering, and serving.

Painting of a woman vigiling

My Approach

In the past, each family or small community would usually have a person prepared to assume this role with grace and confidence. Unfortunately, our society is deeply removed from the death process and many are unfamiliar and fearful of engaging with it.


It is my belief that we all possess the innate ability to witness and hold one another through the end of life journey. However, some of us are more suited for it. I've chosen to embrace death as a lifelong spiritual practice. I promise to look into your eyes and not be afraid that you're dying.

Through my experience and training, I will help you uncover and unlock the wisdom within yourself that will be your ultimate guide through this sacred time.


Schikaneder, Jakub. By The Girl's Bed. 1910

I call upon wisdom that has been shared from sacred esoteric teachings, mystics, sages, and other brilliant individuals to weave a tailored approach to your specific needs. Death and grief are universal, but each journey is beautifully unique.


Creating sacred spaces, performing grief rituals and practices such as meditation, visualization, and breathwork are often a large part of my work.

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