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My Offerings


Conscious Dying Guidance

Are you ready to explore what it means to consciously prepare for death and uncover what is holding you back from living deeply?


Inspired by The Best Three Months © process, I invite you to imagine with great sincerity that you have only three months left to live. What regrets do you have? What priorities, wishes and dreams will you focus on? What will you value most?


Through penetrating questions, conversation, visualization, and meditation we uncover deep truths which will help you live more in alignment with your priorities.

The process is structured around 5 domains of life:

Spiritual: Honoring beliefs and practices
Emotional: Grief, forgiveness, healing relationships
Physical:  Comforting care of your body and healing environments
Life Purpose Review:  Gleaning life’s meaning

Practical After Death Care:  Care of your body and your family after death

This is a deep dive that is meant to illicit strong feelings which will pave the way to a deeper understanding of self. It will expand your awareness of choice and help you discover and define what it means to die wise.

I will help see your current reality, explore the vision you would like to create and move forward with achievable goals and action steps to bring your vision to fruition.

Watercolor Painting by Adolph Menzel, Death as an Unwelcome Guest

Menzel, Adolph. The Visit from Death. 1844

End of Life Companioning

I am a certified Death Doula, trained to care for people holistically (physically, emotionally and spiritually) at the end of life. Much like a midwife or doula with the birthing process, Death Doulas are non-medical caregivers who support people in the end of life process. 

You and your loved ones may find some fear around what to expect and how to proceed in this physically and emotionally taxing time. I am here to bring clarity to the situation by empowering you to decide how you'd like to be cared for and what needs to be addressed to create peace and completion. I will advocate for you each step of the way, ensuring your deepest needs are heard and honored in life and in death.

This can include but is not limited to:

  • Softening your worries around death and dying

  • Deep listening and holding space

  • Meditation, visualization, breathwork and other practices

  • Initiating conversations about death that may be difficult for others 

  • Building a personal comfort plan that puts you at ease

  • Creating a comfortable and beautiful place for your care and death

Gustav Klimt Painting, Death and Life

Klimt,Gustav. Death And Life. 1908.

  • Defining your legacy: How do you want to be remembered? I can help you plan a creative project to leave for your loved ones.

  • Life completion: What feels unfinished? How can you seek closure?

  • Creating rituals to ease your transition and honor your life

  • Organizing grief rituals for you and your loved ones before and after death

  • Demystifying the physical and emotional dying process so you and your loved ones are aware of what to expect 

  • Vigiling: Siting quietly, peacefully at your bedside during the final days of your life

  • Offering support and education for family and loved ones as they vigil

  • Honoring your after death wishes which includes the care of your body and ceremony or funeral plans

End of Life Care
A note on pricing:

My compassionate guidance and caring support is offered by donation only. I believe that everyone deserves to have access to Conscious Dying Coaching and End of Life Care regardless of their financial situation.


At the end of our work together, you are welcome to donate according to your volition and your means. Your thoughtful donation allows me to continue offering support to all that seek it.


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