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Cole, Thomas. The Voyage of Life: Old Age. 1842


Death is our greatest  teacher

Transform fear into radical healing

Portrait of Charmaine Kay

My Story


Death and grief have been the most powerful teachers in my life.


Remembering our mortality is the most potent tool for transformation that we have access to.


Through exploring our relationship with death, we unlock the secret to living fully.

" The secret to life is to die before you die."

Eckhart Tolle

My Offerings


"The process may be difficult but it doesn't have to be so scary, this is why Charmaine exists, to hold you while you are face to face with the darkness of the unknown."

Vince Luciani, Founder of The Legacy Coaching

Jakub Schikaneder Painting of a girl in front of the house

Schikaneder, Jakub. Evening in the Garden. 1907-1909

Conscious Dying Guidance

I meet with those who wish to use contemplation on death as an opportunity for awakening and deep spiritual transformation.

Imagine you have three months left to live. What would you change about your life? What is most important to you? 

painting of a woman looking out the window

Schikaneder, Jakub. Evening Interior. Date Unknown

End of Life Companioning

I support the dying and their family through this overwhelming time by creating emotional, spiritual, physical, and practical plans.

I help to prepare a sacred container for the dying process that allows for healing, gratitude, and completion.



Working with Charmaine has completely transformed my life.  I was always afraid of death, it scared me, whenever I would think about it, my body would tense up.  During our sessions, we unpacked a lot of the aversions I had - she provides a safe space to talk about the things that most people are afraid to discuss.  As I became more comfortable in talking about death, I found myself tapping into who I really am more and more after each session.


The process may be difficult but it doesn't have to be so scary, this is why Charmaine exists, to hold you while you are face to face with the darkness of the unknown. The meditations were activating and thought provoking and after each session I was left with a mind shattering lesson to integrate into my life.


She shifted my perspective from discovering to remembering.


What I found most impactful about working with Charmaine is her heart and the unconditional space she provides.  It's as if she's seen and heard it all before so you always feel safe in expressing what is coming up.


If you are looking to truly tune into your spirit, I would HIGHLY recommend working with Charmaine!

Vince Luciani

" Charmaine can deliver information on something as heavy as death in a way that’s digestible and approachable. Her view points continue to broaden my horizons and show me new outlooks to live a richer life.


She's very open with her own personal stories which I appreciate so much. She's open to questions and has multiple resources to share. She practices what she preaches in every way: that to me makes a great teacher.  


So grateful to be connected to her and doing this work. She amazed me and has opened my eyes. "

Alex Grant

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Fredericksburg, Texas

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Portrait of Charmaine Kay under a lamp

"What must I give death to today in order to generate more life ?"

Clarissa Pinkola Estés

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